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El Sol, work in progress by Mayra V. Zamora. Great work. Love seeing behind the scenes photos of the process. Follow Mayra and their work in tumblr and Instagram.

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El Nopal by Victoria Benitez of Fridisima

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El Marinero y La Sirena by  David Lozeau

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Anonymous: What do you think about Loteria Workshop?

I think they’re great. I’ve attended one at the Queer People of Color Conference at CSUN in 2012 called “Not Your Abuelitas Loteria! We are talkin’ about our Joteria!” . where the workshop facilitators discussed their project “Joteria” as an example of a community art project that promotes activism through art. In the workshop, they broke down archetypes found in the traditional Loteria deck and allowed participants to re-imagine  the loteria cards using their intersectional (race, class, gender, sexuality, nationality, etc.) identities/experiences as queer people of color. 

I’d love to attend more workshops like this. If any of y’all know of Loteria related workshops/ events, let me know, I’d be glad to promote. 

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Anonymous: Hi! I was wondering if you had ever come across a loteria card with El Globo, as in hot air balloon, on it. I've been looking for one to get a tattoo of it. Thanks!

Late response. Sorry. No, I have not. Did you get your Tattoo though? I’d be interested in seeing your take on El Globo 

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Anonymous: I'm doing a research about the Lotería's game and I saw some websites saying that the game has 54 cards. But I saw some other numbers, like 56, Le Tigre and 55, El Amor. Do you know how many cards are in the game?

Hello. I apologize for not responding sooner, I need to make a habit of checking my “asks”. You’ve probably completed your research by now. Though this is a Loteria blog, I’m mostly interested in how artist are inspired in recreating reclaiming, redefining, reimagining Loteria cards for humor, empowerment, resistance, and identity.

The loteria set you’re describing sounds like the “Don Clemente Gallo” which was introduced in Mexico in 1887 by the French businessman, Don Clemente Jacques. It is the most recognizable set with the 54 cards. Loteria Elsewhere has recorded the set with the 56 “El Tigre” as a second series with cards 55-108 created by Don Clemente. The Loteria Card 55 “El Amor” is  an illustration by Jeremy Golden . Based on their website it is 1 of the 4 cards of their series.

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Chicago themed lotería card via Meso Chicago

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San Pancho

I’ve pass by this everyday on my way to work. Anyone know the artist?

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I used this image because I’ve seen it posted without a source SO many times.  (I’m looking at you Disney fandom)

Artwork - [x]

OH I didn’t know you could search by image with an uploaded image *mind blown* this is awesome.

PSA and signal boost.

This is important! Since most/all of our posts are the work of very talented artist we do our best to give credit.

If you reblog our posts, please don’t remove credits.

If we don’t source in one post, please call us out.

Thank you.

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Here’s are some higher quality photos of some prints that I’m currently selling in my etsy shop. I’ve been working on this series for about a year and I’m hoping to do my own version of each loteria card there is. I also have some shirts and a couple of dolls for sell too so please check it out! 

Holy fucking shit yes!

Love these. Check this series out!

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LA M.U.J.E.R. 💪🚺

La M.U.J.E.R. by Mujeres Unidas por Justicia Educacion y Revolucion


LA M.U.J.E.R. 💪🚺

La M.U.J.E.R. by Mujeres Unidas por Justicia Educacion y Revolucion

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Lotería! (series). ink on paper. 7.5 x 9 in. 2014

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la poeta🌛 (at loteria🎉)

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This is another commission piece I just got done with a few days ago. It was a pretty relax job. They gave me an idea of a women holding up a bike like Atlas. I automatically thought of the El Mundo card in Loteria. I scanned the b&w version that I did just with a Micron marker. And then I did all the color with watercolor. I had a fun time doing this and the project seems cool so that always helps with motivation. It’s a new non profit in San Anto, Tejas. Check it out. 

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57 - La Chamana

Called the rough voice of tenderness by those that loved her, Chavela Vargas is best known for her haunting renditions of traditional Mexican rancheras, despite being Costa Rican.

Although throughout most of career Vargas had never directly addressed her sexuality, she let her music and personality do the talking, refusing the change the lyrics of songs (which were often written by men in dedication to women), drinking heavily, wearing men’s clothing, and often carrying with her a riffle.

At the age of 81 Vargas publicly announced that she was indeed lesbian, and from then (until her death 12 years later) she became a loud voice in favor of lesbian visibility.

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